Why Your Blood Test is lying to you…

So you’ve been feeling a bit crappy lately – low energy, little or no sex drive, you are steadily piling on the Kg’s and your digestion is not ideal.

You did the right thing and went to your Doctor, Blood tests have been initiated, you waited for the phone call, maybe went in for the results and guess what – You are NORMAL!

You are left feeling slightly relieved, but now confused as you appear to be in perfect health, although YOU know that you aren’t! You walk away thinking that maybe something else could be contributing, maybe you are just getting old and this is normal….maybe its just been a bad year (you think!!)

Hopefully you didn’t get prescribed some pharmaceutical drugs because it’s “all in your head”…

The problem with blood testing is multi level –

1. Most people don’t fast. This is because you are told that you don’t have to. I’m here to tell you that you absolutely DO!
8-13 hours is the ideal window. Anything after 13 is not ideal. Easiest thing to do is go first thing in the morning.
And make sure you are well hydrated, this makes the draw easier and less traumatic.

2. The blood markers or parameters are set by the labs performing the tests (say whaaaat!) YES YOU HEARD IT HERE
They are all slightly different and are also based on the population. So as the population gets sicker and sicker (yes that is happening) the parameters are getting wider or shorter. For instance Sperm count and motility has been declining for over 50 years. You can read more about that morbid news here

3. The Western Medical Model waits until the Parameters are out of range to make comment or changes. Or even worse – medicate with a prescription drug that blocks something that the body is innately doing, which is actually for a reason (to heal). This results in a whole new set of symptoms and problems due to the side effects of the medication!!! and doesn’t actually fix the issues, they remain!

I’m going to interject my own burgeoning rant right there and save this for another time, perhaps in my shower…alone.

So…What is the answer?

The answer is Functional Blood Interpretation my dear!

The analysis of the blood as “Optimal for human health” rather than based on the population.

What a novel idea!

Every time I look at bloods of clients that have been sent away from medical professionals as “normal” – I am shocked by what I find.

Since when did we give away our sovereign right to have control of our own health to others? (oh thats right, we have always done that!)

Are you someone that waits for the call from your Dr and if you don’t get a call you assume everything is ok?

Never assume – it makes an ASS of U & ME 🙂

I have opened up my analysis to anyone online as I know this is a very real problem with nearly everyone that is not feeling 100%.

The report is comprehensive and comes with a 30 minute Zoom call with me to discuss possible further investigations and strategies for implementation of dietary and lifestyle measures that WILL see improvement.

Best of all – these interventions are measurable by follow up blood tests and interpretation (Subsequent tests are discounted).

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