As Featured in Forbes Magazine – Raquel talks Longevity & Healthy Ageing

Raquel Powley FORBES Magazine Cover
As featured in Forbes Magazine

“Human connection is something that is innately built-in from a survival point of view and persistent loneliness or isolation has a detrimental physical effect on the body. The result is a chronic inflammatory state which damages the heart, alters immune function and promotes bone and muscle loss”

Raquel Powley | Nurturer

Look at what we are as a species being subjected to right now – Grandparents and the vulnerable elderly being isolated from their loved ones, with little means of communication with the outside world unless they are tech savvy. Even then, nothing replaces a hug! That’s connection! and that is what EVERY human needs regardless if you are an introvert and like being on your own.

And if you want to see your loved ones – you have to be subjected to a medical procedure that has little more than 13% efficacy and the only guarantee is 100% you don’t know whats in it that could harm your health. I see people that have never been well since having a flu shot, including the immune compromised elderly.

I have been supporting my mature clients throughout COVID as best I can, giving advice on easily obtained Immune building foods and dispensing powerful herbs and supplements. We have all learnt to use non-contact means of treating out clients as health practitioners, this has some benefits certainly.

But I really think we ALL need to be taking control of our health and go back to “food as medicine” approach, along with LOCAL farm gate food production and supporting local Australian business’s. If anything – this “pandemic” has taught us we need to be self reliant as a country.

We need to stop consuming STUFF and go back to living simply – buying good quality clothes that are timeless in regard to the fickle fashion trends, eating food that is grown where we live and according to the seasons. Our planet is dying and all we are worried about is what to wear!

You can read the article directly on the Forbes site here

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