Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms

• Giant mushroom (1 per person)
• Fresh Tomato - chopped finely
• Red capsicum - chopped finely
• Himilayan + sea salt to taste (see note)
• 1 tablespoon butter for each mushroom
• Sliced green olives - 2 tablespoons per mushroom
• Purple garlic clove - unpeeled - 1 per person
Wash Mushrooms and remove stalks - leave upside down to dry out

Chop finely - stalks, tomatoes, red capsicum

Add toamtoes first, then capsicum then chopped stalk

Top with butter, salt and pepper to taste and garlic

Bake 180 degree fan forced oven 40-50 minutes

This recipe highlights the earthy flavour of the mushroom and doesn’t over power with any added sauces or flavours. If you want to add in an immune boost – chop 4 large cloves of garlic and add in with the tomatoes and capsicum. You could also add turmeric for anti-inflammatory benefits.

Serve with
• Green Salad
• Brown/Black/Wild rice


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