Eggs are an excellent source of protein

1 Pot Scrambled Eggs

• 1 tablespoon Salted Butter (please use real butter - always)
• 150mls Oat/Unsweetened Almond milk (or alternative milk)
• 4 Free range Eggs (please buy free range see note)
• 2 tablespoons Nutritonal Yeast Flakes
• Sea Salt and Celtic Salt to taste
In a Saucepan Melt butter, then remove from heat

Add in milk and stir with a fork to combine

Add in Eggs, keep off the heat until you have cracked them all in (removed any shell using the egg shell itself)

Whisk with a fork, and put back on the heat

Simmer Gently, the heat should not be too high (or you will have bin eggs). Once you see the eggs starting to cook get a spoon and fold the eggs over, scraping the bottom gently.

Fold in the spinach and Nutritional yeast

My Grans rule was no more than 3 stirs!

The eggs can separate from the butter if you stir too much.


A word on Eggs –

Why buy free range? for many reasons

1. Battery hens are treated very cruelly and have a very sad life in a cage (would you like to live in a cage?) They cannot do any of the things that hens love to do.

2. Free range hens get to scratch in the earth, eat bugs, fluff about, groom and roll in the dirt – All the things they are meant to  – this makes them happy and they lay happy eggs!

3. The nutritional value  is superior in FR eggs. You may have noticed the difference in the colour of the yolk and taste already. If the yolks are a light yellow – this could mean they are not FR.

Many are sold as free range but do not meet the standards (in other words they are bogus eggs). You can look up your state and who meets the standards here Choice

There is also a clever APP called CluckAR which scans cartons and also lists producers in your area.

Serve with
• cheese (parmesan, cheddar)
• Sour dough seeded toast
• Small side salad
• Fresh Herbs - chives, parsley, basil


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