Nurturer Pooch Food

• 1 kg Vegetables - Asian greens, Bok Choy, cauliflower, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, beetroot, vegetable stalks - broccoli
• 2 cups brown rice - cooked and drained
• Approx 2 litres Free range Chicken stock
• 1 kg lean beef mince
• 500g Turkey mince
• Optional - Tinned Sardines in Olive Oil (check the oil type) or Brine
Cook Brown Rice in a seperate pot - this takes around 30-40 minutes so do this first.

Grate All vegetables in a food processor or thermomix

Add Chicken stock to large stock pot - add vegetables as you process the batches. Cook with the lid on and stir frequently. This mix should be quite liquid, add water or more stock if needed

Drain and wash brown rice

Add brown rice to cooked vegetable/stock mix. Stir thoroughly. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly

Separate Veg/rice/stock mix into 2 containers

Add Beef mince into one and Turkey into the other. This gives variety to your precious's diet

Optional If you have made chicken stock and you have a powerful blender - you can add your chicken paste in after the turkey.

Optional Eggs shells crushed - save Free Range egg shells and crush in the blender. Add 1-2 cups after the turkey mince

Once completely cooled (you may want to refrigerate overnight in the stock pot) – Divide up into takeaway containers and freeze.

Take out and defrost as required.

To serve – Add amount to bowl, boil the kettle and pour 100ml or so over the mix. This brings the food to room temperature and makes it very enjoyable for your little friends. They love lapping the liquid.

Depending on how many dogs and the size of your dog – this mix can last up to 10 days.

We give our dogs free range chicken necks (raw), kangaroo mince and the occasional greek yogurt and sauerkraut for gut health.

We used to give Taste of the wild biscuits but stopped as Angelia was getting weird growths on her lip. We also changed to free range chicken necks around this time.

I’ve done a video tutorial on how to prepare this pooch food here

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Note – Use human meats of high quality, It’s reasonable from all of the major supermarkets.

Do a combo of Chicken and turkey OR Beef

Alternate batches so they get good variety.


Clinic Companion
Lilly lived a long and happy life – she was almost 19 human years when she passed in Jan 2021

We now have 2 french bulldogs – Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie :)

I am sure they eat better than most humans do!

Serve with
• 3 times a week - Add tinned Sardines. We buy Home brand in brine and add the brine too


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