Bone Broth frozen in convenient cubes

Chicken Stock (Bone Broth)

• 1 free range Chicken Carcass
• 2-4 litres filtered water
Buy a free range cooked Chicken

Remove the meat - store for lunches or cold meat and salad dinner or just eat it as you are processing the chicken...

Add Caracass and water to a slow cooker or stock pot

Simmer Covered for 12-24 hours. The slow cooker is easier as it is low temperature and there is no real need for constant monitoring.

After 12-24 hours allow to cool

Sieve out the bones and skin

Freeze In large ice cubes trays (Kmart have great silicon ones - just make sure the stock is cool as heat and plastic is toxic!)

Some people think that you should use raw bones for bone broth/stock.

I disagree and this is why

  1. You get 2 meals from one.
  2. The free range cooked chickens are virtually the same price as a whole raw.
  3. It is difficult to get free range chicken carcass’s.
  4. I like to eat the wings as I am removing the meat..
  5. The skin on the BBQ’d chicken makes a super tasty stock!
  6. Why make life harder that in already is :)


If you have a thermomix or a powerful glass blender/food processor – you can turn the bones into a lovely chicken paste and feed it to your pooch’s.

See other recipes.

Serve with
• Use with all cooking where you would normally use oil
• Drink as a soup with added Miso
• Make a vegetable soup with the stock as a base - freeze for later meals


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