Russ’s Chilli Con Carne – Turkey Style

• 2 Brown Onions - chopped
• 1 clump garlic - finely chopped (yes thats a whole clump - not just a few cloves)
• Chicken stock approx 300ml or 4-6 frozen cubes(see other recipes)
• 4 large ripe tomatoes - diced (if using romas use 5-6)
• 2 cans Organic crushed tomatoes
• 1 large Green Capsicum - diced
• 600g mushrooms - sliced (button, field, swiss brown)
• 2 fresh chillies
• 1 kg Turkey mince (2 packets)
• 2 Cans Organic Black beans (or soak and cook yourself, see other recipes)
• Chilli powder to taste (usually around 1 tablespoon)
This Picture has butter beans in place of black beans, you could also use chick peas
Chop garlic, onion, capsicum, tomatoes

Cook without colour* Onion and garlic with 100ml of chicken stock in a large stock pot. Stir regularly

Add capsicum, tomatoes. Cook for 5 minutes. Then mushrooms and tinned tomatoes. Cook for another 5-10 minutes. Stir regularly

Add Turkey mince - stir in to combine. Check the amount of liquid is enough to cover the mixture, if not add in some water or more stock

Add Black beans - stir thouroughly

Simmer Gently for 30-40 minutes

Taste Usually at this stage a massuel stock cube (1-2) will be added or some himilayan and celtic sea salt (to taste)

One of the first dates I had with Russ he cooked me this Chilli. And whilst I was most impressed – because I am a control freak – Since then there have been some modifications to the original recipe..

  1. Exchanging beef mince for turkey – you would never know the difference – in fact its better and so much healthier!
  2. Adding in the chicken stock to the onion and garlic – this eliminates the need for any oil, although olive oil was originally used.
  3. This one didn’t actually happen due to the dynamics of recipe take over tactics …. but I would add in a leek to the garlic, onion stage …. just because I’m a #leeklover


*Cook without colour is an old fashioned term that means you have a low heat and stir regularly, you don’t want the onion/garlic to brown or burn. Usually to do this you have adequate liquid and add as needed.

Serve with
• Purple corn chips
• Guacamole
• A nice glass of Shiraz!


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