Chilli Baked Beans

• 1 ½ cups of Bertolli Beans - soaked overnight and cooked
• 1 Red onion – chopped
• 2 cloves Aged Garlic – chopped
• Butter – salted
• ½ t chilli flakes
• 1 whole ripe tomato - chopped
• 1 cup tomato puree/sugo
• Himalayan salt to taste
• 1 Free range egg per person
When trying to add variety to your diet in the form of fibre, microbiome enhancement and nutrients – you cant go past beans and pulses. Make this easy recipe and add some extra digestive enzymes with a raw side salad and sauerkraut.
Melt butter and cook off onion and garlic – without colour

Add in tomato and beans, stir a cook gently 5 minutes

Add chilli flakes and salt to taste

Add tomato puree

Make a well in the centre and cook the egg. You can cover at this stage with a lid to quicken the Egg

Baked beans are generally high in sugar when bought in cans. They are easy to make yourself and contain high amounts of fibre. Add in an egg and you have a great Breakfast/brunch alternative.

Soak and cook lentils/pulses/beans and freeze in portions sizes. To defrost quickly place in a sink with some water. Recycle Zip lock bags by hand washing and drying.






Serve with
• Serve with salad greens, Sauerkrat, Nut butter, pecorino/parmesan cheese (grated) and avocado for a complete meal.


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