Vegetable Soup with Turkey Balls

• 2 litres Free Range Chicken Stock *see other recipes
• 1/2 Celery - washed, trimmed of dirty bits and chopped
• 4 Carrots - peeled and chopped into 1/4's
• 4 fresh Tomatoes - roughly chopped
• 1 Large brown onion - roughly chopped
• 1 clump purple garlic (yes thats right - one whole clump!)
• 3 cups Kale/spinach/leafy greens - roughly chopped
• 1 large red/purple potato - roughly chopped
• Himalayan salt to taste
• Cracked Pepper to taste
• 1 kg Turkey Mince
• 2 T fish sauce
• 2 T Oyster Sauce
• Fresh herbs - oregano/parsley/thyme/chives etc
This is a “clean your fridge out” type vegetable soup – but I will give you the basics to start out. I usually don’t use too much of the purple vegetables as they can make the soup a grey unappealing colour, but a bit of purple cabbage can never be a wrong choice.
Add onion and garlic in a large stock pot with a small amount of the the stock, cook on medium heat and stir regularly

Add in all other vegetables and the remainder of the Chicken stock - simmer until the vegetable are cooked/soft

in a seperate bowl combine turkey mince, oyster sauce, fish sauce - add in the fresh herbs and mix well (easier to do with your hands)

Roll turkey mixture into rough balls (about 1 tablespoon) and drop into the simmering vegetable/chicken broth (its a messy job as the turkey is sticky)

Once all of the mix is in the broth - shimmy/shake the pot so that the balls are evenly cooked (easier and more effective than stirring)

Simmer Gently for another 20 minutes to allow the Tureky to cook through

I love a good Vegetable soup! You can use up all the vegetables in your fridge and make something that serves as dinner and is also great to freeze for a rainy day when you cant be bothered to cook such a Nutritional delight.

When my kids were little I used to make this almost weekly. (Minus the Turkey balls).

The sweetener would be “very cheesy” toast soldiers made under the grill. They could only eat the cheesies if they had all of their soup.

The only one to fail this challenge on a regular basis was Alec (the youngest), he would eat all of the broth and leave the veg.

Little did he know that was ok by me – regardless of my futile threats for cheesie withholding…

as the goodness is in the broth :)

Mum 1

Alec 0

Serve with
• Sour dough Bread and real butter (unless you are trying to lose weight)


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