Slow Cooker Lamb Stew

• 1kg Lamb Forequarter Chops (bone in) - Cut excess fat off - leave bone in
• 1 clump Purple garlic - chopped
• 1 large brown onion - quartered
• 3 large Purple/Red potatoes - cut into 2cm pieces
• 500g Mushrooms (any) halved/quartered depending on size
• 200g Pumpkin - peeled and quartered
• 200mls Chicken Stock (see other recipes)
• 3 ripe Roma tomatoes - diced
• 2 tablespoons Turmeric powder
• 2 tablespoons Sweet Paprika powder
• 2 tablespoons Cumin powder
• 2 tablespoon chilli flakes (optional)
• 2 Massel stock cubes
• 4 dried bay leaves
• A few Cardamon pods - crushed
• Himalayan Salt and Cracked pepper to taste
Add Everything to the stock pot in order of ingredients (doesn't matter so much but the meat is good on the bottom).

Turn Stockpot on to high - cook for at least 8 hours, stir occasionally.

I’m sorry little lamby but you are so yummy!

Slow cooked lamb is just sublime and you retain all of the nutrients from the meat and vegetables. The forequarter cuts are relatively cheap to buy and by retaining the bone (in any meat) you get a really juicy, tender result.

If you don’t like curry flavours – just use regular spices such as oregano, rosemary etc instead of what is listed.

Serve with
• Wild or brown rice and some steamed greens - broccoli, brussell sprouts, green beans etc


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