san chow bow

San Choy Bow

• 1 bunch spring onions - chopped finely
• 1 clump purple garlic (around 7 large cloves) - chopped finely
• 1/2 cup chicken stock
• 4 large Portabello mushrooms - chopped finely
• 2 sticks celery - finely chopped
• 1 tablespoon fish sauce
• 1 tablespoon oyster sauce
• 1 massuel stock cube
• 2 sheathes glass/rice noodles
• Cos lettuce - I used baby cos
A solid family favourite. Lots of finger licking and “food balancing” is required for adults and kids + no cutlery required :) I love love love spring onions – and I have a theory on them – they have a clear mucilage type substance when you get up to the green bits, this is a bit like aloe vera. I think that spring onions have the same properties as Aloe – gut healing. Please use the WHOLE bunch of Spring onions, just chop the green bits smaller so they almost disappear once cooked. You can also use as garnish of course, along with some fresh chillies if so inclined.
Place Garlic, Spring Onions & Chicken stock to a large heavy based saucepan. Ensure heat is quite high, stir and cook until soft

Add Turkey mince. Stir well to ensure the mince is separating

Add Stock cube, fish sauce, oyster sauce

Add Remainder of vegetables, stirring constantly to prevent sticking

Wash lettuce cups thoroughly, drain on a clean tea towel or colander.

Boil The kettle, add glass noodles to a bowl, pour boiling water to cover. Cover with a plate and leave around 5 minutes

Drain noodles and add to turkey mixture, stir through. If the noodles are too long, you can cut them up a bit with a egg slice. Serve immediately

Serve with
• lemon/lime wedges
• All items can be placed in the middle of the table - with multiple serving spoons - for the tin lids to serve themselves. They love it!


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