Chicken + Vegetable Soup

• 2-3 litres free range chicken stock (see Broth recipe)
• 1 clump purple garlic (yes the whole clump - around 7 large cloves)
• 1 leek, split down the middle, thoroughly washed (they get gritty at the top)
• 1 bunch spring onions - use the whole thing right up to the green ends
• 1/4 Cabbage (any colour)
• 3 carrots - peeled
• 500g-1kg mushrooms (swiss,shitake,brown,button,field)
• 1/4 bunch celery
• Any - other veg you have in your fridge (spinach, bok choy, squash, zucchini) Just not potatoes
• 1 Massuel stock cube (any flavour)
I have been making this soup for over 30 years! Once called “stock” its now called “bone broth” and this was something my mother taught me. The Nutritional benefits of free range chicken stock has no boundaries! And the gut healing, immune building powerhouse of chicken soup is folk law legendary and so easy :)
Add 1-2 cups of the pre prepared stock to a heavy based large stock pot. Heat on low-medium

Peel and chop garlic, add to saucepan

Chop onions and leek, add to saucepan

Chop - all other veg. Do the harder veg first and add them to the stock first as they take longer to cook

Add the remainder of the stock

Simmer gently (with a lid on to keep in all of that goodness) and stir occasionally

Taste after an hour and add any himalayan/celtic/sea/kelp salt as needed
Serve with
• Toasted Sour dough or Dark rye bread with real butter!
• If you are enticing children - add cheese to the bread option. The rule is they have to eat all of the soup to get the cheesy :)


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