Metabolism test (ECAL)

The metabolism test tells me how well your mitochondria are functioning and gives a detailed report. Your mitochondria are the energy production organelles that produce the energy (ATP). This is used by the cells in your body.

The test includes a Metascan to determine fat, muscle, hydration, inflammation and other parameters that are useful to track progress.

The machine is called an ECAL.
It is registered as a medical device within Europe (CE) and Australia (TGA).


The Test includes

  • BIA measurements and report using the Metascan™
  • Physical measurements (waist, hips, thigh, height, weight)
  • 2 detailed reports emailed (Metascan & Metabolism report)
  • Interpretation via an appointment via zoom or phone call (30 mins)
  • Lifestyle changes such as Dietary calorie control & types of beneficial exercise
  • Additional blood testing suggested

The testing appointment time is 30-45 minutes.

This test requires you to be fasted for more than 5 hours and for a maximum of 13 hours.

*Please note a treatment plan with dietary plan is not included but can easily be obtained via adding an initial consultation.

Additional information

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