Iridology is the study of the Iris and the surrounding sclera

Iridology Assessment

Iridology is the study of the iris (the coloured centre) and the sclera (the white surrounding).

The iris reveals all of the body systems and organs, it can show –

  • Physiological conditions
  • Emotional conditions (in the form of stress rings)
  • Health risks (deep markings called Lacuna over specific organs)
  • Weakness of various organs/systems
  • Constitutional factors (by the colours & fibers)


Iridology shows signs for up to 3 generations past. As an example Breast cancer in the maternal mother and grandmother – may show up as a weakness in the daughter. This gives an opportunity for preventative approaches to diet, lifestyle and allows for monitoring of specific symptoms by the Practitioner and client.

Certainly this is not a stand alone diagnostic tool for me. It is an added indicator that I sometimes use when I want to confirm something I am suspecting, monitor changes over time and treatment strategies or if the client specifically wants to have a reading and report for their own knowledge.

This test is only available at Nurturer clinics.

The Report includes

  • Consult and photograph of the eyes
  • Report
  • Interpretation & consult via zoom or phone (30 mins)

Additional information

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