Therapeutic Acne Cream


Cystic acne on the face can be painful and embarrassing – treating it requires a wholistic approach using lymphatic stimulation, herbal tinctures and diet and lifestyle changes. This cream is best kept in the fridge so its cool when applying. It contains powerful healing herbs and a careful blend of aloe, jojoba, and other soothing ingredients for a luxurious topical cream that will soothe and calm.

See description for more about acne


If you are wanting more of a tailored approach –

I have a cystic acne cheat sheet which you can download, this gets you started straight away with tips and dietary swap outs for combating the condition.

This download comes with a questionaire for you to fill out.  Once I have this I send a herbal tincture designed exclusively for you, along with additional dietary and lifestyle recommendations for you to follow based on your results.

This is a tailor made package and does need the additional information.You will be sent all details in the download.

Herbal tinctures are sent via express post and can be combined with the Therapeutic face cream.

Additional information

Weight 50 g

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