Iron levels in the Blood – a population crisis

Low iron has become very common 😔

And as it affects energy levels 🥱💤 It is something that people notice quickly, but may not have pin pointed the cause.

I knew there was a problem with the population when I started to see chemists offering “iron infusions” on billboards at their entrance.

And while some declare that these interventions work, they are not looking at the after affects like I do via the functional blood report…

High ferritin levels following an iron infusion can cause all sorts of problems in the body including inflammation, oxidative stress, increase cardiovascular disease and organ burden.

So what is the solution?
As usual I get to the root cause – what is making the iron levels low or depleted?

To get the full picture you need to have a full iron panel –

  1. Serum Iron (circulating/bound iron)
  2. Ferritin (stores in liver)
  3. Transferrin (transports iron around the body)
  4. Saturation (percentage that is bound to transport)

Some factors that can contribute to low iron –

🩸Heavy menstruation
🩸Inadequate stomach acid production
🩸Internal bleeding
🩸Vitamin C need
🩸Kidney dysfunction
🩸Liver dysfunction
🩸Low intake of nutrients
🩸Poor diet
🩸Parasites (they love iron so the ever clever body hides it in the liver!)

Once these factors are evaluated, we look to fixing the issue with –

🥬 Accurate interpretation of blood results via the Functional Blood Report. More info HERE
🥬 Anti-inflammatory diet featuring lots of fresh leafy greens
🥬 Revolting tasting herbs for hormone modulation/red blood cell support/energy
🥬 Targeted (bioavailable) nutrients for Red Blood Cell production
🥬 Iron food combining (ie citrus with greens)
🥬 Bio-available iron supplements (NOT Ferrograd C or Maltofer 🤕)
🥬 Supporting digestion and nutrient absorption via gut health

Depending on how depleted you are – The whole process will take 3-6 months to restore.

And you never know – those herbs may start to taste great when they give you energy! 💃

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