Colonic Irrigation

Colonics – what does this word make you think of?

Something to do with irrigation, gardening or perhaps something to do with…..the colon…?

Not many people like talking about what comes out of us.

We all love talking about what goes in – well I suppose that is a lot more glamorous and way more appealing, we spend hours and hours of our day planning, buying, preparing food and beverages – but very little time is spend thinking about what happening to that glorious food that we shovel in constantly.

They say that on every corner in Hollywood there is a colonic Studio – so decided to research this myself, after all I was quoting it a lot!

My findings were consistent with that urban rumour Quick Google Search

I first was introduced to the existence of colonics by one of my favourite Naturopath’s – Vaughn from Spirit of Health.

Following this I was in a lecture and the subject was brought up again. Immediately I knew I had to do this strange and weird thing.

The Gritty Stuff!

The best machine in the world is the Libbe Colonic hydrotherapy system – this is a closed system. Meaning that you sit on it and don’t get off until the procedure it finished. It’s a bit like a very big toilet, except you are semi lying down, usually on your back. The end is molded for your feet to rest either side (a bit like the old way of birthing)…except you can move your legs around freely. 

The addition of a hand held palm size vibrating type device that you use to massage the abdomen I believe adds to the effectiveness of the treatment. This massage/vibration stimulates peristalsis (the involuntary movement of the large intestine), and promotes a full evacuation.

I have heard of one Naturopath doing an all day colonic’a’thon. This involves a series of 3 colonics over a one day period. She maintains this is very effective.

My exposure to this wonderful detoxification therapy leads me to believe that a 45-60 minute colonic, followed with a coffee enema is a very effective protocol. More on coffee enemas later…

So what happens?

The first time you use the colonic – you will be fully briefed by a therapist that is trained in the art. The therapist will show you exactly what to do, what to insert and where (up your derriere where else!) After you have assisted this insertion (with some lube) and got yourself in situ, the therapist then comes back in the room to make sure that you have the tube inserted correctly and that you have your “first flush”.

The tube has a nice little ball on the end and these are of course disposable, it attaches to the machine and sits in a way that it cannot fall out. the tube is fed warm (up to 40 °C) and cold down to 20 ° C) water. This stimulates the peristalsis more than just using warm or cold on its own.

The “first flush” is the water coming out of your bowel after it has entered and been held for a short period of time. This is usually rewarded with some lovely faeces (unless you have already had a movement that day). It also indicates to the therapist that everything is in working order in reagrd to the equipment.

Once the therapist is confident you know what you are in for – they leave, with instructions to use the bell should anything apart from looking at your exiting poo presents itself.

This is when the real action starts. I wouldn’t be as relaxed if I had someone in the room with me. Some establishments offer this service, where the therapist will massage during the treatment. I personally would not like this. A facial is fair enough, but I think that pooing is a private thing.

What can possible go wrong?

You may be so involved in looking for undigested food and possible other signs of digestion inadequacy such as mucus or (not good) blood, and forget to lower the temperature of the water. If the water gets higher than 42 °c – the system will automatically shut down, the water will stop flowing and you will have to get it manually re started. This is a safety feature.

I recommend not letting this occur, as you lose valuable colonic time and also it’s disruption to the flow if you get my drift.

Why do this thing?

My mentor (he doesn’t know it yet) says “your bowel is like your rubbish bin, imagine what that would be like if we didn’t use a liner” well that can be related back to your large intestine and bowel.

At times we are constipated – long flights, too many pizza/pasta nights or psyllium followed by inadequate water intake (guilty), we have all at some time all been bunged up!

The reason why we get constipated is because the body will get what it needs from wherever it can. It’s very clever like that. In the case of dehydration, the clever little body will take the water from the large intestine, leaving the contents dry and hard. So when you think about it – constipation leads to your body using sewerage water for its hydration.

Good reason to not get constipated!

So if you are living somewhere other than Hollywood and you want to find out more about this treatment – Just google Libbe Colonic hydrotherapy system + your area.

On a side note – always take probiotics following a colonic. A good establishment will offer this after along with a nice cup of herbal tea while you wait to make sure the show is definitely over.


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