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Nutrition is all about listening to your body’s hunger signals and making sure what you are putting in is going to be of maximum benefit. If you are eating to just fill the hole, then you will not be getting the benefit and nourishment that is needed for true health and wellness.

Look, don’t get me wrong! Occasionally I eat junk food; and afterwards I don’t feel as good as when I eat a meal I have prepared with love and intention, full of vegetables and made with quality ingredients.

 But herein lies the key = “sometimes” “occasionally”

I like to look at it like this –

“What you eat is either ADDING to your Vitality, or TAKING from your vitality” 

What is vitality?

It’s energy, it’s enthusiasm for life, its motivation and feeling great on the inside. This reflects on the outside in your skin, the way your eyes sparkle and the feeling that you give out to others around you.

The enzymes, antioxidants, nutrients and fibre in fruits and vegetables give our cells and digestive system vitality. They ADD to our health.

Every minute of the day your body is doing amazing work (basically in your absence!)

– breaking down (catabolism)

– building up (anabolism)

To do these things – Co-factors are required, things like antioxidants, minerals, vitamins.

A varied and healthy diet will provide most of these co-factors. 

A diet very high in vegetable intake will provide all of the necessary co-factors AND further protect against aging, free radical damage, oxidative stress and decrease inflammation – which is the basis for most disease states.

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