I use the traditions of Naturopathic & Herbal medicine and the latest scientific evidence to formulate  your unique treatment protocol.

Looking at all of the presenting symptoms to discover the imbalances and causes of your health problems are key to relief, recovery, prevention and optimal Wellness. This is achieved by adjustments to diet and lifestyle, prescribing herbal medicine, supplementation, nutrient therapy and Homeopathy.

Not every person is the same, we are all unique. Finding balance and incorporating a number of different strategies that will be easily implemented is the key to a successful plan and treatment.

Knowledge in areas of Nutrition, supplements, herbs and treatment protocols are ever changing. I will never stop learning and practice ongoing education from a variety of respected sources.

As Naturopaths we follow Nature Cure principles, Integrative approach’s and functional medicine methodologies to recommend measures specifically for you.

We have a code of practice that ensures the integrity of our profession. It is called “The Six Principles of Naturopathic Medicine”

1. Primum no nocere – First do no harm

By thoroughly taking the clients case history, medications and medical history, the Naturopath can make recommendations that are safe and effective. Herbs and supplements are powerful and interactions with medications and current health conditions are always researched.

2. Vis Medicatrix Naturae – The healing power of nature

Your body has such a powerful, innate instinct for healing itself. Look at what it does everyday without you needing any input (temperature control, digestion, detoxification). The Naturopaths task is to establish what is getting in the way of that healing force and modify, support or remove it.

3. Tolle Causum – Identify and treat the cause

 To find the true picture of what is going on in the body beyond the symptoms takes thorough investigation. This is done via the Initial Consultation (60 minutes), functional blood interpretation, and where needed – metabolism testing and other functional tools such as iridology, nail and tongue diagnosis. There is always more than one cause, sometimes many.

4. Tolle totem – Treat the whole person

This means the mind, body and soul. Environment, relationships, stress, diet, lifestyle factors all come into play when looking at treating the whole person. You can have the best diet, an amazing relationship, live in a toxic free home in the bush – but if you are worried and anxious about something – you will get sickness eventually in some form.

5. Docere – Dr as teacher

While we are not referred to as Doctors in Australia – the principle is nevertheless one of Naturopathic medicine. We aim to teach our clients what to do in order for them to take ownership of their own health and in the future – heal themselves and others.

6.  Prevention

Why wait until something has happened and then treat? Family history of illness and disease, Iridology and specific lab testing can highlight areas of weakness in the body. Nutraceuticals, dietary changes and lifestyle modifications can ensure you don’t end up being like Aunt Dolly that died at a young age with a myriad of health issues and battling to swallow 20 tablets a day.

Our health system is in crisis – the drugs that are available now will not be so cheap and accessible in the future. Out population is getting sicker and living longer (but in illness). The medical system of the future wont be able to keep up.

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