Metabolic Balance® (MB) is a unique, proven, tailored nutrition plan that is based on your individual blood work.

It is as individual as you are!

Your Unique Nutrition plan will contain foods that are optimal for your metabolism, long term weight stabilisation, optimal wellness and longevity.

This is a lifestyle change – not a one size fits all diet. It is tailored to your body and the nutrients you need.

What’s included –

+ MB Nutrition Plan
+ MB App
+ Food quantities and choices available
+ BIA (Metascan) testing to track progress
+ Proven strategies for success
+ Practical advice and guidance
+ Recipe ideas (facebook group) and recipe e-books
+ Unlimited mentoring via txt, phone & email

There are 4 stages of the program that are supplied over 12 weeks, along with appointments every 2 weeks (6 in total) and mentoring.

The program includes BIA Metascan testing and physical measurements for tracking your progress. There are a total of 6 appointments.

What to expect in the Consult

In the first appointment –

+ The initial paperwork is completed
+ Food intolerances and preferences recorded
+ BIA testing to get a baseline
+ Physical measurements and photographs are taken
+ You will be given a list of blood tests that are required to generate the plan – to take to your GP

Note = Blood test referrals are available via my account with iScreen, but are an extra cost ($219)
You can use this link to obtain an instant referral right now for the bloods –


The cost of the MB Nutritional program is $1495
It is available (on application) as a cost effective no interest payment plan. ($295 deposit and $100 weekly).

To use my referral link for pathology it is $219. This is for the blood work required to do the MB nutrition plan. You pay this direct to the pathology and I get the results sent straight to me. Please FAST for this test – minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 12 hours.

The initial Naturopathic consultation is required and not included in the program. It is an additional $229.

Cost = MB $1495.00 + bloods $219 + Initial consult $229 = $1943.00
Payment plans are available for the whole amount

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