Nurturer Raw Muesli

• 3 cups oats (steel cut, whole rolled etc – organic if you can)
• 3 cups chia seeds (white or black)
• 3 cups spelt/buckwheat puffs
• 1 cup sesame seeds
• 1 cup sunflower seeds
• 1 cup flax seeds (linseeds)
• 1 cup pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
• 1 cup Goji berries
• 1 cup psyllium husks
• 1 cup linseed meal
• ½ cup slippery elm bark powder (available at health food stores/Nurturer)
• Optional -
Combine all ingredients and store as a dry mix in the fridge in a container or in zip lock bags. Store in pantry if fridge space is limited but make ½ batch. (linseed meal goes rancid quickly)

As needed - Soak 1 cup of dry mix with 500ml filtered water/oat milk/coconut water in the fridge overnight. I recommend to just soak with filtered water, as this adds to daily water intake and also has no calories.

Optional Optional – Add this in at the soaking stage so you can make different flavours. If wanting just one flavor – add in ½-1 cup into dry mix.

This amazing Raw Muesli has the ability to slow down digestion for those having a quick transit (IBS, nervous stools) and speed up for sluggish transit (constipation, hard to pass, hemorrhoids etc).

I’ve done a video on this also
Video Tutorial 

Serve with
• Stewed prunes
• Stewed fruit
• Coconut yogurt
• Fresh/frozen Berries
• Chopped apple, pear, banana
• Activated nuts
• Cacao nibs


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