Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Report (FBR)

The functional approach to Blood analysis is oriented around changes in physiology and not pathology. The software uses ranges that are based on optimal Human Function and physiology. This results in a tighter “Functional Physiological Range” which allows evaluation within the “normal” range that indicates that something is not quite right in the physiological systems associated with this biomarker. This gives the ability to detect patients with changes in physiological “function”.  

What is required

Recent blood tests (3-6 months old) can be used for the preliminary report. These are emailed through to our clinic for data entry. At this stage, no other data is needed. A full report will be emailed within 7 days and a Zoom call to go through the results scheduled. Once payment is received, you will receive an email with a link to upload your blood tests. If you require blood tests to be taken – I am able to provide the referral for that also. This will be an additional cost.  

The Test includes

  • Data entry of pathology
  • Detailed Functional Blood Report emailed
  • Interpretation via an appointment via zoom or phone call (30 mins)
  If a treatment plan and additional supplements are required – a quote will be provided for an appointment and indicated therapeutic practitioner products.

Additional information

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