Raquel Powley

Raquel PowleyNaturopathic Degree (BHSc)

Raquel has extensively studied Natural therapies for 26 years and formalised this by completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopath) degree in 2019.

She has 3 grown children and a deep love for family time, herbal medicine, mushrooms, all animals, sun, sea, scuba diving, camping and gardening.

Since becoming qualified she has also become a Licensed Practitioner for

Specialising in Food as Medicine

Realising that food is something that can easily be modified with the right advice and guidance – Raquel commenced her clinic consultations with this mindset. As a result, she has helped many people regain their health and confidence.

This has a flow on effect in many families and has provided an unmeasurable benefit in the community.

Training in the Metabolic Balance® Nutritional program has provided further expertise into food, timing and combinations as the catalyst for optimal health and wellness. Unlike many programs that are a one size fits all, Metabolic Balance® is a unique program that uses the clients blood results to form the dietary plan with foods needed to re-balance the body from a metabolic and nutritional perspective.

Other specialties include – men’s health, sexual health, preventative health, mental health, healthy ageing, gut health, autoimmune conditions, menopause and hormone imbalances, thyroid conditions and many more conditions.

Functional Testing

Functional non-invasive testing is useful when other methods (elimination, dietary modifications) have not shifted the imbalance in the body. Testing can also be done to establish underlying conditions that may be contributing, an example would be parasite testing and the Functional Blood Analysis Report (OPTdx).

Raquel can provide advice and referral for the following

What to expect

Naturopathic Medicine encompasses many modalities –

An Initial consultation is the first step. During this appointment you will be asked a series of questions about your diet, exercise, habits, sleep, stress levels, medical history, as well as discussions on anything that is a current health concern. Sometimes there are many factors – and that’s ok!

Dietary guidelines are always provided in the initial consult, alongside protocols and guidelines for specific conditions. Sometimes simple swap outs are quick and easy to do and have maximum effect, for example drinking more water!

You will be asked to fill in some pre-appointment forms along with a diet diary for one week.

Further information on the cost of Initial, follow up and acute appointments can be obtained under the services section of this website.

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