Raquel Powley - Founder and Managing Director - Nurturer

About me

My passion for Natural medicine began when my daughter was a baby, but I believe it was always my calling to be a healer. She is now 24 and just married 🙂

I had her when I was 24, her age now, we were living far from my Mother and Grandmother and really I just had myself and my maternal instincts to guide me as a new mother.

Jade was exclusively breast fed until 6 months, something I advocate.

When it came to the introduction of solids she changed, became very upset, arching her back in agony and suddenly stopped sleeping through the night. I went to the local GP and was told “you are lucky she sleeps at all” He himself had just had a baby and obviously was having his own issues sleeping!

Stepping outside the clinic I told the (amazing) local nurse that I wasn’t satisfied, I knew that there was something wrong with my baby! She (using her intuition and maternal instincts) suggested a urine sample and yes there it was – A UTI!

Guess who called me on a Saturday to advise me of the results…. I’ll give you a hint, the sleepless one.

So here I was – absolutely gobsmacked that my chubby bubby could have a UTI! How had this happened?

My best friend suggested a local Homeopath, I called her, told her the symptoms and she diagnosed me over the phone! I had allergies to wheat, dairy and yeast, this was being expressed in my milk (she was always a windy baby prior) and in order for us both to heal I needed to eliminate these things from my diet.

And thus started my alternative health journey….It took me some time to realise my dream to be a Homeopath, like my new friend who had diagnosed me over the phone. However, by the time it came to enrolling for me to study 10 years later – the “witch hunt” had commenced in regard to this amazing healing system. Today it is no longer taught in any Institutions in Australia, this I find very sad and a great loss to this country’s health system. So I decided to become a Naturopath (and I’m glad I did, I still use Homeopathy and love it, but I love herbs equally and as passionately!)

So here I am 24 years later (with 2 additional tin lids in my brood) still learning every day via my clients and still getting told by those that are yet to embrace wellness that I have weird things in my fridge 🙂